Multimedia: A term that describes a number of diverse technologies that allow visual and audio media to be combined in new ways for the purpose of communicating.

   Today, the technologies of communication, in dozens of forms, surround all of us every day in almost everything we do. The Internet and email, MP3 players, iPads and the new slate Window PCs, digital video recorders, cell phones that act as cameras and PDAs, satellite radio... The list goes on and on. We have become an interactive world demanding not just information, but substantiated information and the ability to always dig deeper with our eyes and our ears.

   The same holds true for your clients. No longer are piles of paper adequate. To really communicate the voice of your research, the ability to deliver more and deliver it easier is essential.

   Our clients still usually deliver their written reports and tabulations, but they now take their deliverables a step further with Video Summary Reports on DVD or videotape, interactive CDs with easy to access data and PC-based presentations, and web presentations for quick distribution of research results worldwide.

   Offering these types of services to your clients sets you apart from the typical researcher. Adding multimedia presentations to your deliverables makes your research more valuable. It allows your client to see beyond your analysis. It adds an element that your client may not expect, but will wonder why he or she hasn't been expecting: Proof. Not just findings, but substantiated findings backed up by the actual face and voice of the respondent.

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