Consider Morgan Multimedia as your one stop shopping center for just about any multimedia need you may have: NEW!  Full-Motion Screen Capture

Full Motion Screen Capture Click for larger view    We now have the capability to capture a computer screen complete with mouse movements and narration. This is perfect for software training and demos, and is ideal for the growing demand for Web Site Usability test.

   Every mouse click, every key stroke, every screen change, the final presentation shows software applications and web pages in action. Through the technology of Camtasia Studio, the process makes a full-motion recording of the computer screen and then is beautifully rendered for use on CD or the web. Audio can be live or recorded later, areas of the screen can be highlighted with call-outs, and we can zoom in to particular portions of the screen.

   Used for Web Site Usability Testing, a participant's interactions and live comments (including the option of a picture-in-picture window showing the participant) are recorded so that you and your client can see exactly how the site is used - What works and what confuses.

Web Site design, construction and maintenance

   These days, as you already know, you really need to have a decent presence on the web. However, to really do it right, you need to spend big bucks, right? Not with Morgan Multimedia.

   We offer complete design, construction and maintenance services at prices that are way below the norm. How do we do it? Well, we try to stay away from some of the fancy stuff that takes so much time. And – Surprise! – we found that an attractive site doesn't need all the whiz-bang to be good.

   Take a look at the example below. (And, hey... this site, too!) This site cost the client at least half of what would be a typical price for designing and constructing such sites.

   •   (Overbrook Research)

   This is your opportunity to either get on the web, or improve what you already have on the web, at prices that are unheard of.

Presentation Production

Interactive presentation screen Click to send email    A high quality, comprehensive, and interesting presentation of your research results is often critical to the success of your project. Morgan Multimedia is experienced at putting together PowerPoint and CD-based interactive presentations that are sure to keep the audience's attention.

   The PowerPoint presentations we produce can include embedded video and audio, and Perception Analyzer® graphs.

   A CD presentation can be used to present your quantitative and qualitative findings, or to tout your services. On that thin disk is anything anyone would want to know about your project, or about your company and what you have to offer. And, it is the perfect way to view your Perception Analyzer results - graphical and crosstab - without the need for the Perception Analyzer software. See "Perception Analyzer Data on CD" to learn more.

Looping Marketing/Trade Show Videos on DVD

   It's always an eye catcher at a trade show or in a retail store to have a video presentation of your service or product. We produce looping presentations on DVD that assure high quality and reliability. They work as stand-alone presentations and are also chaptered and menued so that the presenter or retailer can skip ahead or back to a particular spot. We guarantee the reliability of the playback and offer this service at prices much lower than the norm.

Graphics Production

   An interesting and reoccurring project of ours for a gaming design firm is to take lottery tickets and alter them for testing. This includes the color of the tickets, symbols, graphics and logos, and even the font. These different varieties are used in focus groups to decide what sells and what doesn't.

   Whether it be graphics for print, presentations, or video, we can do high quality and inexpensive work for you. We have expertise in Adobe Photoshop and a variety of other graphics applications.

Concept and Service demonstrations

   Often, a video demonstration of a new product or service is the easiest, most convenient and most consistent method for testing. For instance, if you have a new product concept, through the use of video demonstrations on DVD, you can show this new product (even a nonworking mock-up of this new product) in action. And, because this demonstration is on video rather than live, you have consistency in your test material from group to group.

   With your guidance, we will write, shoot, edit and deliver the perfect demonstration. And, with the product on video, it is perfect for use with the Perception Analyzer Moment-To-Moment format.

Frame from an Animatic ad Animatics (Storyboard) Construction

   Rather than spend thousands on producing an ad and then testing it to see if the message is getting across, we'll build the ad using your storyboard drawings. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments before producing the final ad (especially when using the Perception Analyzer system).

   Using your soundtrack and storyboards, we digitally produce an ad that is close to the real thing for a fraction of the cost. Then, test your animatic ad, find out what works and what doesn't, produce the final ad, and know that the message is getting across loud and clear. Experience has shown that the results from testing Animatic ads is consistent with the results one gets when testing the final production ad.

DVD and Tape dubs, and transfers to DVD

   Simple duplication of session videotapes and DVDs goes one step further with a graphic introductory slate and professional color labels with your logo, your client's logo and session information. Color and audio are tweaked to ensure the highest quality possible. We also do window (timecode) dubs, and can transfer your focus group videos to DVD, complete with chapter points.

Print – Ads, Brochures, and Page Layout

   Using Adobe InDesign and a variety of other graphics applications, we can design and produce brochures, fliers, mail-outs and print ads. Contact us and we can show you some examples of what we have done in the past.


   Often the best way to show a product to your participants is to show a photograph. Digital or film, on location or in a studio environment, we can fill your photography needs.

   Check out our Photo Services page for information on the restoration of old, cracked, ripped and faded photos, and the digital archiving of your prints and slides.


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