Your precious memories... or even the memories of your grandparents and their parents... carried on with photographs. Over they years they get folded, torn and faded. Or you have piles of photos and stacks of slides that you want to easily view and save forever. Let us bring those memories back to you.

Photo Restoration and Manipulation
   Using the best and newest digital techniques and the skill and knowledge to use these tools, we can bring your old and faded photos back to life. With loving care, we scan and fix your photos pixel by pixel. Whether they are cracked or ripped, faded, have bad contrast or bad exposure, we can fix them to your satisfaction. And at a price that makes not getting them fixed simply a shame.

   Want to get rid of that ex-husband from the family photo? (And add the new husband in his place?) Do you wish that black and white photo was in color? These are the things we do.

Prints and Slides on Interactive CD or DVD
   We'll take all of your old prints or slides and put them individually on a CD or DVD. Included will be a menu to find the picture you would like to view or print, an easy to navigate slide show, and an index. The DVD version can include a video slide show so that you can view your photos on your television.

   Cost start at just 29 cents per photo or slide. 2 CDs or DVDs are included with each order so that you can pass on the memories to family and friends. Additional disks are very inexpensive.
Prints and Slides to disk

Loving care
   We use the white glove treatment on every photo or slide we are given. Each is carefully handled and cleaned using professional techniques. Prints are of archival quality guaranteed to never fade.

   We understand how important these photos are to you. And we truly enjoy the process of bringing them back to life, or digitally storing them for easy viewing by you, your children and your grandchildren.

   Call or email us describing your needs. We'll be happy to give you a price quote.

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