"Morgan Multimedia has been a lifesaver on several recent projects on which we needed help with video reporting and analysis. In each case, they provided a high quality product at a very affordable price, and did so with very little direction. And, to top it all off, they are always a pleasure to work with."

- Steve Hopkins
  Principal, Edge Research

   "I had a very high profile project testing commercials and new spokespersons with a major client and I wanted something extra to offer them in a final report. Morgan Multimedia presented their services to me. It looked good, but I explained to them that I needed the work done very quickly, and, that I was on a very small budget.

   Within one week they provided my company with exactly what I needed. They not only came in on time, and on budget, but the quality of their work was even better than I had imagined. My client was thrilled and made sure that the senior members of every department in their company got a copy of their research."

- Steve Keppel
  President, Keppel Research Consultants
  800.242.9705 - email

   "We have worked with Joel for more than 10 years and the results are consistently superior. He has stayed on top of changing technology and delivers top quality work, often with tight time constraints."

- Steve Lombardo
  President and CEO, Lombardo Consulting Group
  202.223.3460 - email

   "Joel has been a valued collaborator on more than 250 projects and in every instance he has come through with a solid performance matched with excellent videographic skills. Our capacity to convey complex information in an easy to understand and attractive format is key to the success of our company. Joel is without peer in helping us meet that objective."

- Michael R. Malone, Ph.D.
  COB, Momentum Market Intelligence, Inc.
  503.241.9199 - email

   "Morgan Multimedia is meticulous, responsive, innovative and efficient. Their work is consistently professional, compelling and of the highest possible quality. Projects with them are always fast, fun and easy."

- Chris Bond
  Principal, Usability Concepts, LLC
  503.522.5216 - email

   "Morgan Multimedia has helped us craft impactful video market research reports. Study findings hit home when clients can see and hear consumers share their opinions. We can always count on Joel to deliver a professional product, and to meet very tight timelines."

- Michael Lehman
  President, Zanthus Corporation
  877.599.9498 - email

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